Bring back our forests Image Credit: TRAIL
Bring back our forests Image Credit: TRAIL

Bring Back Our Forests

Species-rich forests mean a healthy planet

Deon Braun

We asked you on Twitter for your favourite trail running environment.

We thought mountains would win by a mile. Nearly every Instagram trail photo is of happy people standing atop summits, after all!

The results surprised us. Forests got nearly 50% of the vote.

But hang on, should this be surprising? Forests (real forests, not plantations) are magical places. There's something about their something seen, something hidden personality that instils awe and mystery.

In a brilliant piece titled Accidental Rewilding, published on, British environmentalist George Monbiot witnesses what happens when wild forests return. "In places once thick with farms and cities, human dispossession and war has cleared the ground for nature to return."

He visits Slovenia, to discover the miracle of nature to heal her wounds: “I stepped out into the sunlight, scarcely able to believe what I had seen or, rather, what I had not. I stared at the hills around me, contrasting them with the old photos of those same hills I had seen. Where dense forests now grew, forming a high, closed canopy... there had been almost nothing. In the photos, taken on the western side of Slovenia during the First World War, the land was almost treeless.”

In Brazil, Sebastião Salgado (issue 19) returned to his father's cattle ranch to find its once lush hills in the Atlant

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