Chasing Rainbows Til the climb do us part Image Credit: TRAIL
Chasing Rainbows Til the climb do us part Image Credit: TRAIL

Chasing Rainbows 'Til The Climb Do Us Part

Running in love is a tester and a builder

Quinton Walker and I met on a run, and our wedding was a trail run in December 2016. We have matching medal hangers with the words Chasing Rainbows above them.

This is because some four years ago we headed off to Kleinmond for the Wildrunner XL course, our first race together. He gallantly slowed to match my pace. It rained, and we had icy water and mud all over the beautiful coastal trail.

Somewhere along the route he shouted that something was on my right. As a newbie trail runner I thought danger (snake? baboons? something!) and dove into the bush on my left. Turns out he was attempting romance by pointing out a rainbow!

We’ve been chasing rainbows together ever since.


Being a couple that runs has long lists of pros and cons. We both enjoy long distances on our feet, which makes us pretty tenacious in the Forever department.

We’re on the same page when it comes to the importance of getting a planned training session in, and we are both big fans of the post-long-run exhaustion snacking, followed by beer consumption.

The happy endorphins that bounce off us after a long trail must be doing good things for our connection, and we have collected a group of exceptional humans as fellow trail running friends over the past few years.

I have three children, and we work well together in bringing them into our love of outdoor living as well as balancing

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