A Pondo Story Image Credit: TRAIL
A Pondo Story Image Credit: TRAIL

A Pondo Story

AURORE MPINGA reflects on her Pondoland Trail Camp experience.

 Since coming back from this incredible weekend (11–13 August) at Clearwater Cafe and Trails near Port Edward, I finally managed to narrow down where I read about the Pondoland Trail Camp. It was here in TRAIL magazine of course!

I saw the same advertisement on Facebook a few days later, and that was it for me. I decided that I was not going to miss it. My main motivation was just wanting to know more about this sport (can I call it a sport?) that seemed to have crawled under my skin. A sport that I had grown to love and enjoy, and one that also helped re-centre my mind and soul.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to run in such natural beauty that’s been (mostly) untouched by us humans? Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by mountains, and tall and short grass of four or five different shades of green and brown? And hear echoing animal cries in the distance (from birds to baboons), walk or run over rocks, see sunrises, and sunsets that take your breath away and leave you wanting to freeze time because you don’t want that moment to ever leave your brain… I could go on and on. Who wouldn’t want to experience all of this? I experienced all this and more during my weekend at the Trail Camp held on the KZN South Coast.

The amount of knowledge that I took away with me that Sunday afternoon as we parted ways, and the depth to which my passion for trail running grew left me feeling like I had just

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