Lessons from Dogs Image Credit: TRAIL
Lessons from Dogs Image Credit: TRAIL

Lessons From Dogs

You can read a hundred self-help books, ask advice from your trail runner groups, or simply learn by observation. What can we learn from watching dogs? Life coach MARIE SNYMANJACOBS shares her insights.

Marie Snyman Jacobs

Some people, and non-human animals, seem to speed along with no pressure – only joy.

I recently did the short distance of the beautiful, knee-breaking Num-Num Challenge. While we were at the race village relaxing, the leading longrun athlete finished wearing (brace yourself) Luna sandals and a fleece top.

I asked myself and some of the other runners around me, ‘is this not what it should be about’? Pure enjoyment, freedom, and ending a day in the mountains with a big smile on your face? Maybe Robert Rorich (the NumNum winner in sandals) was a long distance Labrador in a past life!

What could we learn about running from our four-legged furry friends?

Being fully engaged

My pair of basset hounds run as if someone left the gate open! They run with bursts of energy, and then suddenly see or smell something that is more interesting than the current path. The result is a dead-stop to see and smell whatever caught their attention – if only for a moment… In that moment they are fully engaged in the sights and smells.

Basset Bella runs with a real sense of FOMO (fear of missing out), while Mishka is a firm believer that you need to take your time. Mishka has no rush, and she plans to make the use of all of her time in the park.

Recently I adopted a baby pit bull. Max is another story. He is super exci

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