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Dear Future Me Caroline Marks Image Credit: ESPN The Magazine
Dear Future Me Caroline Marks Image Credit: ESPN The Magazine

Dear Future Me - Caroline Marks

The youngest surfer ever to qualify for the World Surf League tour, Marks, 17, anticipates her soon-to-be-legendary career—full of Olympic medals and celebrity cameos.

It’s me! You! Caroline! Do people still call you Caroline? Or do you have a cool nickname now? Maybe people just call you Champ. Like, “Hey, Champ! How’s retirement going? When are you going to settle down and start that family you always wanted, buy a house in Hawaii? Where do you keep all those trophies and medals?”

I know, I know! I’m getting ahead of myself. You retired only yesterday. But seriously. How many world titles did you win? Four? Five? At least five, right? How about the Olympics? Our sport makes its debut next year in Tokyo, and I plan to be on that team—and the teams in 2024 and 2028 and 2032. When I close my eyes, I can see every gold medal. Two years ago, I was the youngest surfer—manor woman—ever to qualify for the Championship Tour. Until now, it was my proudest moment. I’m about to start the 2019 season, and the top two Americans in this year’s rankings will make the 2020 Olympic team. So … how was it? What was it like to wear a uniform and compete for your country? Were there waves in Shida? How about Paris in 2024? Ooh—was the contest held in a wave pool?

Just thinking about the possibilities has me so excited, my hands are shaking as I type this. Is there still typing in 2039? It is 2039, right? I hope you were lucky enough to surf for 20 more years, that injuries and insecurities didn’t stand in your way. Big dreams come with big risks—but also big rew

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