The Road Less Travelled Image Credit: NZ SURFING MAGAZINE
The Road Less Travelled Image Credit: NZ SURFING MAGAZINE

The Road Less Travelled

Take a look at a map of our coastline and you will see thousands of kilometres of coastline, 15,000 to be almost exact, making it the 9th longest in the world.

Now if you think about how many surf breaks you know of on that map and how many are regularly surfed, that leaves a mass of untapped beaches, points, reefs, and river/harbour mouths that make up the geography of this country’s length. As surfers, sure we want to score guaranteed waves when we set off, and many want to score waves to themselves, but we are also very well aware of those spots which are the go-to regular spots because they have the reputation of delivering time and time again, and generally you know what you’re gonna get. Every so often it’s just nice to take a gamble, throw caution to the wind, knowing you just might possibly get skunked, but that you could also have a unique experience at a place you’ve possibly not been before or for a very long time.

This is the story of one such winter roady from which the destination was decided by one simple text message “Do you want to go to #@*% which is a better wave, with better surfers out, yet the same spot we always go, or do you want to go off the beaten track, kick in with some hard-core locals, light a fire on the beach, drink a few brews and score a few waves?” Sometimes it’s just nice to kick back to the roots of surfing, adventure, taking gambles, and enjoying the experience of the mission rather than j

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