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Education NW Woodworking Studio Image Credit: Woodworker West
Education NW Woodworking Studio Image Credit: Woodworker West

Education: NW Woodworking Studio

Education: NW Woodworking Studio

In October, the Northwest Woodworking Studio (NWS) in Portland, OR celebrated work completed by students in its Mastery Study programs. Under the tutelage of Master Craftsman, educator, and author Gary Rogowski, NWS, in its 22nd year, offers three Mastery Study programs:

The Local Mastery is a 2-year program, designed for self-directed students with their own workshops in the Portland area. Students design and construct a total of 10 pieces, as well as visit the Studio for lectures, demonstrations, and critiques. Year One emphasizes hand tool skills, router use, carving, and basic construction and joinery skills, while Year Two focuses on furniture design, effective machine use & maintenance, carving, inlay, bentwood construction, and fine cabinetry including drawer work.

The Distance Mastery is similar, but for motivated students who reside outside the Portland area (with participants from Alaska to Florida). Students will meet at NWS for a 4-day orientation seminar at the start, and then return to their home shops to undertake a series of exercises and projects, communicating with Gary and classmates via telephone and on-line. Every three months or so, the class reconvenes at the Portland studio fo

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