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From David Marks Studio Patina Applications Questions Image Credit: Woodworker West
From David Marks Studio Patina Applications Questions Image Credit: Woodworker West

From David Marks Studio- Patina Applications & Questions

For years, many of you have read my discussions about gilding and chemical patination techniques, but are unsure about its application to your own work. I'd like to share a recent email from Sandra Walkin of Louisiana, who took my Gilding & Chemical & Patination class and a 2-day private class in 2015:

David Marks

I want to share my latest use of techniques that I learned in your chemical patina class. I found this small Redwood burl. (The story of finding a Redwood burl in Louisiana is on my Facebook page Sandra Walkin Furniture and Finishes if you are interested.)

On the other, I used the compo gold/sodium sulfide technique, then accented with silver leaf/potash solution. My husband has a metal lathe and made the brass base for me. Letting the imagination run with chemical patina possibilities is so much fun. Thanks again for the inspiration.

Sandra is not unlike many of my students, who have applied the techniques learned in the workshop in very creative applications to sculptures, furniture, and, in her case, gunstocks!

I will be conducting another Gilding & Chemical Patination workshop, Dec. 6-8 at my studio in Santa Rosa, CA. I have expanded this class to 3-days, to provide more time to go over the gilding and patina processes. Even if you have taken a previous class, this newly expanded workshop will include the use of frisket and other techniques to expand your capabilities. The processes that you will learn can be applied to any surface that will accept paint. These include wood, metal, paper, ceramics, glass, even plastics. So no matter if you are a jeweler, ceramicist, sculptor, blacksmith, woodworker or woodturner, you will take home some very creative and innovative techniques to enhance your work and in

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