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Education Maloof Foundation Classes Image Credit: Woodworker West
Education Maloof Foundation Classes Image Credit: Woodworker West

Education: Maloof Foundation Classes

When he set up his foundation, Sam Maloof envisioned an enduring arts center, with a museum and educational workshops to teach woodworking.

Now, the Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation for Arts & Crafts has begun fulfilling this dream by offering woodworking courses at the historic Maloof compound in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

With support of several generous individuals and corporations, including equipment manufacturers, hardwood vendors, and various local woodworking stores, two former wood barns on the North side of the property have been converted into woodworking classrooms. One barn is a fully-equipped machine shop, while the second barn contains workbenches for hand tool work, sanding, and assembly.

“The legacy of Sam Maloof supplies the inspiration, and the Maloof Foundation provides the experiences,” explains Executive Director Jim Rawitsch. “So now, there’s a Smithsonian-affiliated institution where you can come to learn and grow your skills as a woodworker.”

The educational program began last summer with monthly woodworking demonstrations: Long-time Maloof master craftsman Larry White leads a 4-hour Maloof-Inspired Woodworking course, in which he explores the aesthetics and basic techniques for making beautiful works in wood. Craftsman Dennis Hays explains the process of making artful, one-of-a-kind guitars, utilizing such found and rescued woods as Walnut, Redwood, Persimmon, Eucalyptus, and Orange. And in Turn, Turn, Turn, Jeremy Sullivan presents the

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