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Profile Marco Cecala Image Credit: Woodworker West
Profile Marco Cecala Image Credit: Woodworker West

Profile: Marco Cecala

Marco Cecala of Phoenix, AZ is a talented craftsman, beginning a transition into full-time furnituremaking. Here is Marco’s story, in his own words:

I was born into a family of jewelry makers in the Buffalo, NY area. Growing up behind a bench, I developed an eye for detail and was a competent jeweler by my 10th birthday. With a soft economy in the Northeast, I chose to start my own jewelry business in Houston, where the economy was booming. When it went south, I turned to residential construction for my living.

I literally began in the trenches, but being a fast learner, I gained continual responsibilities, until I was promoted to an office job involving road construction for a developer. When computers were introduced for estimating and job construction, I was the first, out of curiosity, to flip the power switch, and all of a sudden, I was defined as the computer guy. As software advanced, I developed civil engineering applications utilizing GPS for construction machine control and formed my own business, Take-off Professionals.

Woodworking, initially, was an avocation; a creative outlet in contrast to the black & white nature of engineering. I made things for myself that were practical and Marco Cecala demonstrating routing for inlay. certainly functional—a kitchen table, a coffee table, chairs—but nothing

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