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Markus Schulz Image Credit: The Teenager Today
Markus Schulz Image Credit: The Teenager Today

Markus Schulz

DJ Markus Schulz is arguably a legend on the trance scene. An international star in the trance community, with over two decades of DJing experience, he has ruled the world.

Verus Ferreira

Born on 3 February 1975, Markus is a German-American DJ and music producer based in Miami, Florida.

He is best known for his weekly radio show Global DJ Broadcast that airs on Digitally Imported Radio, After Hours FM and other online stations. He is also the founder of his own music label Coldharbour Recordings and Schulz Music Group (SMG), an artist management company that manages rising stars in the industry.

Markus has six albums under his name besides dozens of singles and remix albums down the years and several collaborations with various artists.

A regular to Indian shores, this time for the Enchanted Valley Carnival in Mumbai in December, Markus spoke to VERUS FERREIRA about his career over the years, his upcoming album and plans for 2018 minutes before he took to the stage.

Are you aware of Indian trance music culture?

I think that the trance community in India is the fans. I get messages all the time from the fans out here and I know that they really challenge me as a producer. This is because it’s like they listen to everybody and the thing nowadays is that it doesn’t matter if you are in India or if you are in Amsterdam, London, New York or wherever, it really is a global community, especially when it comes to trance. Everything kind of lives online and it doesn’t matter where and from what part of the world you are and just for that reason alone, the trance fans are probably the

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