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Knit India 2017 Image Credit: The Teenager Today
Knit India 2017 Image Credit: The Teenager Today

Knit India 2017

Over 276 participants —students, teachers and principals, friends and USM team members— participated in the five-day live-together for sharing, learning and celebrating unity in diversity during the 50 th Knit India held at Indore from 27-31 December 2017. It was a significant landmark in the history of Universal Solidarity Movement (USM) as it celebrated the Silver Jubilee of the movement.

Kaustubhi Khani

Knit India 2017 witnessed a generational shift in the organization of the event. Young leaders (trained at USM while they were in school) like Neetish Barole, Ishmit Singh Madan, Nikita Gagneja and Iram Khan, who are continuing their studies in different higher education institutions, played a key leadership role in the planning and implementation of 2017 Knit India programmes.

The Knit India event consists of sharing the experience of personal transformation as a result of regular practice of the Five Paths, core group activities aimed at social transformation, input sessions by people who made a difference in society by their lives, exposure to inspire and challenge the participants, motivating the participants to formulate their personal vision and goals, inter-religious fellowship, panel sessions by those who have made a difference in their lives as well as in society, drawing up action plans by the participants for constructive action when they return to their respective schools.

Testimonies of Personal Transformation by Students, Teachers and Principals

The heart of Knit India is sharing by many participants their story of self transformation due to the influence of USM. This year also the sharing by the participants of their transformation story was the most inspiring part of Knit India. 45 students, three teachers and three principals sh

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