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Why Teens Should Say Image Credit: The Teenager Today
Why Teens Should Say Image Credit: The Teenager Today

Why Teens Should Say

One common reason for consultation seen in hospitals these days, is problems associated with tobacco addiction.

Dr Suhas Chandran

What is really striking is how strong the lure of cigarettes is to these individuals. Their stories are unique, and make you rethink what it takes to fight this raging addiction. One such story is that of a farmer and his son. The patient himself had bronchogenic cancer — a very severe form of lung cancer that had spread to his liver and abdomen. His 20-year-old son had started smoking a week after his father was diagnosed with the cancer, claiming that he needed to smoke to relieve the stress of dealing with his father’s illness. A father who knew what was killing him but refused to stop smoking, and a son who knew what could potentially kill him but did not hesitate to start smoking.

In the search for the connection between the ‘sick man’, the ‘frail man’ and smoking, the clinical team realised that his father and uncles smoked and all his three older brothers smoked. He thought he was just copying his role models now. His mother didn’t want him to smoke, and that made it even more attractive to him. He argued that women do not feel stress as much as “us men do” after a heavy day’s labour; they are more relaxed and hence don’t have to smoke. It’s not their strength, they are “lucky” and smoking is a necessity that he will indulge to keep himself “mentally and physically fit” to work for the livelihood for the family. This makes you wonder wh

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