Game Changer Of Education Image Credit: digitalLEARNING
Game Changer Of Education Image Credit: digitalLEARNING

Game Changer Of Education

Last few years have witnessed sea changes in the Indian education sector as it has been reshaped by the introduction of innovative teaching-learning practices, effective use of technology, collaboration with foreign universities for global standard of education and many others.

All these are helping in nurturing the competitive global citizens in India for the world.

In line with this positive backdrop, heavy responsibility has devolved upon the country’s educationists and educators to influence public policies in the same direction and simultaneously guide their own institutions of learning to provide game-changing prospects for generations ahead. Moreover, the responsibility is not only of education philanthropists and private education entrepreneurs or edupreneurs but has also devolved upon education ministers, bureaucrats, vice-chancellors, faculty and administrators of public universities, and principals and teachers of the country’s every educational institute. The positive side is that most of them are already practicing leadership skills to nurture institutions under their care into centres of excellence.

As education has been playing a key role in shaping up personalities and careers of a child, these visionaries are helping the sector to change and influence future career choices of most of them. There is a need to discern these leaders for their unique vision, choices and the paths they have chosen to guide, mentor or prepare hundreds of youths every year towards the goal of nation-building.

Beyond the realm of financial prospects, each of these game-changers has a strong desire to take their set of pupils ahead of others by enabling them to deliver the best with the help of innovative approaches. digitalL

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