Nurturing Employable Work Force In Jharkhand Image Credit: digitalLEARNING
Nurturing Employable Work Force In Jharkhand Image Credit: digitalLEARNING

Nurturing Employable Work Force In Jharkhand

Department of Labour, Employment and Training has taken various initiatives for the employment and skill training of youth in Jharkhand, says Rakesh Kumar Singh, Special Secretary – Labour, Employment and Training, and Director - Employment and Training, Government of Jharkhand.

What is the role of Department of Labour, Employment and Training in protecting the rights of workforce in organised and unorganised sector of Jharkhand?

According to the minimum Wages Act, it is ensured that wages are paid according to the skill category of workforce. We also ensure that the salary of workers in factories and shops is credited into their bank account. For the workers in unorganised sector, we are getting them registered and opening their bank accounts linked with Aadhaar cards for the safe and timely credit of their wages. We are also running different social security schemes for the benefit of workers in organised and unorganised sectors.

How the skill training is helping the workforce in getting exposure to employment opportunities?

The skilled workers have more chances of getting employed over unskilled workers. We are working extensively on skill training of workforce like for the ITI pass out trainees; we ensure that different recruitment camps are held regularly for their employment in different companies, organisations, factories or industries. A number of such drives have been conducted and more are proposed to be organised. We have contributed to the vision of Jharkhand chief minister of awarding appointment letter to 25,000 youth. Since November 1, we have awarded appointment letters to a good number of ITI pass outs who are now employed in different companies.

What initiat

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