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Why Should Boys Have All The Fun Image Credit: BBC TopGear India
Why Should Boys Have All The Fun Image Credit: BBC TopGear India

Why Should Boys Have All The Fun?

A 20-year-old battle of the “tall boys” is to be fought all over again. This time, the TG Boys take a backseat and let the girls decide which one drives them crazy. Don’t worry, these pages come with a ‘U’ rating

Devesh Shobha

Let me begin with a little declaration of guilt the last three days that I’ve spent with my friends and family on a little plateau two hours away from Pune, have been one of the most relaxed 72 hours I’ve spent on an “official shoot”. Relaxed because on this particular trip, instead of me hacking my tiny brains over deciding which car drives better, which one has the better ride comfort or which has the more practical boot, I plotted an idea of involving the women directly and indirectly associated with Team TG to help me do my job. There’s no real logic behind the idea, but surprisingly, they all agreed.

So, there’s my adorable daughter Aahana and her possessive mother, Manali; Tejal Bhatkar, the only unfortunate lady amongst an all-boys Team TG; and Rithika Salian, our photographer Rajeev’s better half. In the 10 years that we’ve worked together, I’ve never seen Rajeev so hassled on a photoshoot before – amazingly, it’s not because of Aahana’s reluctance to go by the script, it’s because the other three women had their own ideas of setting up frames that would make them look prettier and Rajeev is too sweet a man to shoot their ideas down. That’s the mark of a man who’s cracked the formula of staying “happily married”. Ahem.

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