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Volkswagen SUV T Cross Image Credit: BBC TopGear India
Volkswagen SUV T Cross Image Credit: BBC TopGear India

VW T-Cross - Why This Midsize SUV Is Important For India!

VW has built a new compact SUV on the Polo platform. Could it be the game changer for India?

Agasti Kaulgi

Globalisation. The buzzword carmakers have been using in the past decade to make a product that’ll cater to the entire world. Well, if you give it some deep thought, it does have quite a few positives. Economies of scale for one, global brand building for second. If you browse through the last few pages of this magazine, you’ll notice that more than half of the models sold in the country are global products. But there’s one company that doesn’t entirely believe in globalisation, when it comes to operations in India.

VW, for a while now, has been taking their international products and making changes – which can be called a lot more than just tweaking – and coming up with products that don’t form a part of their global portfolio. The Vento, the Ameo and some variants of the Polo that are sold in dealerships in India are built to appeal only to Indians. And with the India 2.0 mission that the VW Group is on at the moment, it only looks natural to make products specific to the market. And on that note, I’d like to introduce you to this, the new VW T-Cross.

For starters, the T-Cross is the smallest SUV that shares the stage with the other SUVs and is aimed at a buyer who is looking for the practicality of an SUV, but doesn’t want something brawny. It seats four in comfort and has small, tu

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