Digital Detox Smartphone Screen Time Image Credit: Essentials
Digital Detox Smartphone Screen Time Image Credit: Essentials

Switch Off & Recharge

If you feel like you’re in a non-stop whirl, why not book some guilt-free timeout for yourself? Here are the best ways to build some chill-out space into your life – after all, you deserve it.

Does everyone tell you you’re too busy? People around us often see things before we do, so if your loved ones are telling you things like, ‘You’re wearing yourself thin’ or ‘i never see you any more’, it’s a sure sign that your routine needs a major overhaul. Don’t dismiss their comments. A good starting point for change is to take a day for yourself and go somewhere peaceful to assess your time and life priorities, but don’t be too hard on yourself: change doesn’t happen overnight. Follow our tips to get the time you need to make your life feel more balanced…


If the idea of doing nothing sounds like pure bliss yet never seems to happen, then ask yourself why you can’t switch off without feeling you should be doing something else? Setting goals is fine, but getting too used to pushing yourself can mean feeling bad about taking it easy. All this leads to a ‘hurry sickness’ where you equate chilling out with being lazy and selfish.


Book in a regular slot of ‘doing nothing time’ each week. Not only will you be better company and perform better at work, you’ll also be infinitely less stressed. ‘Idle time’ changes the brain’s chemistry, increasing the feelgood hormone serotonin and leaving you calmer and more in control.


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