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Fitness Image Credit: Food & Home Entertaining
Fitness Image Credit: Food & Home Entertaining

5 Simple Habits To Make A Difference!

We’ve got a handful of good daily habits that are oh-so simple to incorporate into your routine and sure to make a difference!


Did you know you need to eat five servings of fruit and vegetables a day? Don’t just stick to one fruit or vegetable, though – in order to get an intake of different nutrients, it’s important to eat a variety of fruit and veg in a range of colours.


Whether it’s soaking oats overnight or simply setting the table and taking out the cereal, getting breakfast ready the night before can save you time in the morning, meaning you don’t need to rush through your first meal of the day. And why not have a glass of chilled Clover Krush Carrot & Orange to wash it all down?


By planning your family meals weekly, you’ll know exactly what to buy and what dish you’ll make on which day. Working out a plan for the week also goes a long way in avoiding the temptation to resort to unhealthy options like fast foods. Remember to add Clover Krush to your shopping trolley for a tasty beverage to accompany your delicious dishes!


Ensure you don’t get dehydrated during the day by popping a 200ml box of Clover Krush Carrot & Orange juice into your or your child’s lunch box. Alternatively, take a 1,5L bottle of Clover Krush Carrot & Orange juice to work and place it in the fridge to enjoy as a refreshing chilled beverage instead of

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