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Ivanka Trump Image Credit: New York magazine
Ivanka Trump Image Credit: New York magazine

Ivanka To City: Drop Dead

After the White House, she probably CAN’T GO BACK to the city that made her. So she has cannily devised another EXIT STRATEGY.

Vanessa Grigoriadis

The Hamptons season was in full, humid swing when Ivanka Trump went missing at its most important geezer party. Each Fourth of July weekend, Lally Weymouth, the 76-year-old daughter of the Washington Post’s former owners, celebrates her birthday with an event that’s like a “D.C.–New York–glitterati bar mitzvah,” says Anthony Scaramucci, a guest at the seated dinner for hundreds in a striped tent on her estate, where a microphone is set up on a stage for speeches attesting to her grit and longevity. Weymouth’s crowd is the mix of politicos, media personalities, and financiers that drives Americans crazy—they’re supposed to hate each other, not party together—from Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to Democratic fund-raiser Alan Patricof to ex- titans like former Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. It’s also notable for the considerably advanced age of the attendees. “If you’re under 50, you’re under threat of Lally seating you at a kids’ table,” says a friend of Ivanka’s who’d had a fight with her husband earlier that day about accompanying her to the party. “He said he didn’t want to be there when someone had a heart attack on the dance floor.”

This is the scene Ivanka liked before she arrived at the White House, a scene that occasionally tolerated her father but more often excluded him—real power brokers, kingmakers

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