Harper's Bazaar Malaysia
HP Spectre Folio Image Credit: Harper's Bazaar Malaysia
HP Spectre Folio Image Credit: Harper's Bazaar Malaysia

The World's First Leather Convertible PC

The world’s first leather convertible PC is more than just a pretty face. Here, the HP Spectre Folio reinvents form and function into one seriously stylish and powerful device.

“Touch has a memory,” reads a quote by English Romantic poet, John Keats; the velvety softness of a black orchid in a restaurant downtown, the touch of mulberry silk on the skin, and the buttery soft leather of a car seat, bring about a seductive memory, followed by a quiet smile. In a world where we’ve become so accustomed to swiping on screens and tapping on keyboards, a soft touch brings about a sense of warmth and luxury, weathered imprints that only look better with time, giving a sense of individuality and comfort—like a favourite leatherbound book or journaled sketches.

Understanding this desire for tactile experiences, the HP Spectre Folio reinvents the digital experience and every aspect of the traditional PC. What was once associated with cold, hard surfaces now comes to life with a transformative form factor: a leather convertible PC—the world’s first, no less—embracing the art of ‘manucrafturing’ where meticulously designed hardware meets handcrafted materials.

Using 100 percent chromed tan, full-grain leather in a deliciously rich Cognac Brown, the durable material provides a natural hinge and flexible chassis to enable a breakthrough new form factor. The accented stitching and precision edging that wraps from the cover and base—and around the complementing dark ash silver base keyboard—creates a sophisticated luxurious quality, often seen on nubuck vests andsuede coats, never before seen on a PC … until now. The end result with the HP Spectre Folio is

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