Harper's Bazaar Malaysia
Art Collector Image Credit: Harper's Bazaar Malaysia
Art Collector Image Credit: Harper's Bazaar Malaysia

So You Want To Be An Art Collector?

Consultant Rose Lejeune speaks with London-based collectors Navann Ty and Kimiya Minoukadeh, as well as Malaysia’s own Farouk Khan of The AFK Collection to find out how they collect contemporary art.

Rose Lejeune

Getting started in collecting art might seem daunting but from the joy of beautiful things on your walls to a fresh appreciation of the world around you, art can change your home, give you a new social life ... but above all, help you think and feel differently. You don’t need a huge budget—emerging artists’ works can be less expensive and a great way to support your local art scene. My first advice? Take your time. The more you can see, the more you’ll understand what you like.

Second: ask questions. Gallerists love to talk about the work they’re showing. Ask about the artist, the work, how it should be installed, and the price. Collector Navann Ty has three top questions: 1) How long has the gallery worked with the artist? 2) What is the story behind the exhibition? 3) What is special about the work I am interested in?

Kimiya Minoukadeh, who focuses on emerging art, says that with very young artists there is not much research that can be done except knowing where they studied: “Because I personally love visiting art schools and art degree shows, I do have my favourite art schools for painting (my soft spot), I have noticed that in painting I do have a particular style I like and they tend to come from the same art schools; perhaps there is something about the teachers they have had ... ”

All the choices can be rather overwhelming, and so many great collections have some kind of a focus. Farouk Khan, who has one

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