Harper's Bazaar Malaysia
Dark The Divine Image Credit: Harper's Bazaar Malaysia
Dark The Divine Image Credit: Harper's Bazaar Malaysia

Dark & The Divine

The definitive guide to the world’s most exclusive avant-garde restaurants and Malaysian diners changing the game.

I’m at a secret, obscure location, a dingy parking lot in the outskirts of central Shanghai. Before I could question anything, the metal doors before me swing open, as the cold air on a winter night sweeps across the dark space, and seconds later, I’m being transported down into the unknown in an industrial elevator. Here, the suspense thickens. A small door creaks open, before the grand entrance to Ultraviolet comes into sight, revealing a controlled 10-seater environment where light, scent, sound, and temperature are masterfully manipulated.

Founded in 2012, Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet has kept its reputation as the world’s most avant-garde restaurant. Recently ranked number six in the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019 list, Ultraviolet conjures up an alternate reality that isn’t just about the theatrics. Everything that surrounds the Ultraviolet universe and its immersive 20-course dining experience tells a story, and is curated to a T, from the music in the background to the visual effects on the screens. Highly advanced technology is utilised to create the most relevant ambience for dishes that are both figurative and humorous. This is a psychological experiment that alters perception and keeps diners on their toes.

Ultraviolet creator and head chef Greg Robinson greets me for the night. Due to the limited seats and Ultraviolet’s obnoxiously long waiting list, I am offered to be whisked away into its kitchen wonderland inst

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