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10 Podcasts That Should Be On Your Playlist

From addressing politics and technology to bad jokes and squirrels, here are 10 podcasts that should be on your playlist already!

Lavina Mulchandani

You can find all of them in iTunes or through your favorite podcast app.


For those who love to drink! The podcast’s gimmick is extraordinarily flimsy- Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu talk to each other and drink and yet manage to pronounce posh British actors’ names and have conversations about racial politics effortlessly.

They talk about pop culture, race, gender, squirrels, mangoes and bad jokes, all in one boozy show.


For those who want to find awesomeness in everyday life.

Gimlet show, ‘Surprisingly Awesome’ is part science, part technology, part bar room debate. Their conceit is that one of them in the show picks up topics that might seem boring such as adhesives and convince the other that it’s surprisingly awesome.

The show manages to unfold untold layers of science-y tech-y awesomeness in their seemingly boring subjects.


For those who want to answer life’s difficult questions.

Interview-led podcast by Anna Sale tackles the big questions and hard choices that are often left out of polite conversations. All the questions feature atleast one of the three magic words in the show’s title. The sale is a fine interviewer, warm and empathetic. So we may have the Sesame street star battling memories of her own childhood and sex worker trying to support her.

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