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Velar In Vogue Image Credit: Top Gear South Africa
Velar In Vogue Image Credit: Top Gear South Africa

Velar In Vogue

We Say: Range Rover Never Gave Up on the Velar Concept but Rather Timed Its Arrival Beautifully

Lance Branquinho

The fourth Range Rover is also the first. ‘Impossible’, you say, but it’s true: Velar might be the latest of all things supposedly aristocratic and British about  gravel travel, but it’s also a naming revival that predates the original (1970) Range Rover.

Velar was initially used as an internal stealth name to shroud Land Rover’s first SUV project in secrecy. Now - five decades later - it’s being touted as a new Range Rover, for a new type of customer. That is, a customer who doesn’t require low-range, seven-seats or the kind of styling presence which requires that certain size of luxury SUV, one which is impossible to manoeuvre confidently in the Sandton Square underground parking.

You could accuse Velar of being an artificial Range Rover. But we’ve been through this before with the Posh Spice inspired Evoque, which was even less of a Range Rover, but proved massively successful. Velar, the twin of Jaguar’s F-Pace, is aiming for that unexploited niche between Macan and Cayenne – narrow, but potentially profitable. Very profitable.

Land Rover’s offering unrivalled customisation with Velar, which means you can make it deliciously expensive with nine cabin colour combinations, 18 different wheel choices and ten exterior hues. Cost considerations aside, it really doesn’t matter how you configure any Velar, there’s no possibility of ordering an unattractive one.

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