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Take Two Image Credit: Top Gear South Africa
Take Two Image Credit: Top Gear South Africa

Take Two

We Say: It’s an Odd Fish That’s Sometimes Hard to Love but Easy to Live With

Avon Middleton

Let’s get the questions or disputes out the way first. Did BMW really have another crack at this niche segment after the lumbering bungle that was the 5 Series GT? Yes! Next question please - Why the name change from 5 GT to 6 GT? This is in essence BMW correcting themselves on naming the 5 Series incorrectly in the first place. The naming conventions at BMW place odd numbers on more traditional segment cars – think 1 series hatchback, 3 Series sedan and so forth. The even numbers go to the more niche products – and hence BMW needed the 6 Series Gran Turismo to get even. The 6 Series nameplate carries more of a luxury vibe too with athletic undertones.

BMW admits the 5-er didn’t quite turn out as planned, but they’re adamant that a niche car like this is what customers want so they had to produce a successor. Reading between the lines, they wanted to right a wrong – and the 6 Series Gran Turismo is hoping against hope that customers really meant what they said.

It’s a brave move but after driving the stately 6 Series around a traffic-less Lisbon, I’m beginning to buy into the idea. This BMW GT was always intended to break the mould of a premium tourer with smart design and packaging for a spacious, practical, game changing alternative to a SUV or a Tourer.

Gone is the old cumbersome split tailgate and it’s been replaced by a conventional single unit that opens to a mega 610 litres of b

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