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Blue Oval Bargain Image Credit: Top Gear South Africa
Blue Oval Bargain Image Credit: Top Gear South Africa

Blue Oval Bargain

We Say: It’s the Focus St Gravel Travel Edition

Lance Branquinho

The blue oval. Proven performance for blue collar workers – that’s always been Ford’s social contract with the Mzansi motoring market.

XR6. XR8. ST-everything. You can’t go faster, for less, than in a performance Ford – and now, there’s the stealth deal of 2017 waiting to be had with new Kuga. Acquaintances might quietly question your judgement and family members could request individualised Ubers, but much like Kimi in Abu Dhabi (2012) you know, that you know, what you are doing.

Kuga’s combustibility issues have been the moment of introspection for Ford, a company which had perhaps become a touch too successful, trading on the insatiable demand for Ranger bakkies and its compact crossovers. Much like KPMG, there were consequences – the departure of a CEO and restructuring of customer awareness. Truth be told, a proportionally greater percentage of Ferrari 488s have caught fire, due to a production issue, and nobody ever complained about those.

The deal, then, is a terrific discount on what could be the perfect car for South Africans in 2017: a raised-ride height Focus ST. Much like Tiguan 2.0 TSi is an SUV Golf7 GTi in all but name, Kuga 2.0 EcoBoost is much the same: impeccable Focus chassis, same turbocharged engine and the benefit of very clever torque vectoring all-wheel drive.

True. It doesn’t look much like an ST, but that’s fundamentally part of the its stealth app

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