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The Creator Elon Musk Image Credit: Top Gear South Africa
The Creator Elon Musk Image Credit: Top Gear South Africa

The Creator Elon Musk

Seven things we learned from Musk’s speech at the Model 3 launch

1 By next year, Tesla hopes to be churning out 10,000 cars per week...

The initial production target is 5,000 cars per week. By the end of 2018, double. Achieve it, and Tesla’s Fremont factory will have an equivalent output to the largest VW and Toyota plants. Not only that, there’s a plan to triple the number of superchargers across the globe, making it possible to quick-charge your car anywhere. “Eventually you’ll be able to go anywhere on Earth,” Musk said. “Technically you can – the supercharger is just about charging your car really fast.”

2 ...and so far it’s built just 50 of them. Better get cracking, then

The first 30 production cars are for customers, but we found out that another 20 Model 3s exist for engineering validation. Who knows, perhaps one of these is testing a beta version of a dual-motor, AWD Ludicrous Model 3 – yep, you can put our name down for one of those...

3 The design of the Model 3’s interior was deliberately kept clean and simple

This is because in the future – “The future being now,” Musk said – cars will be increasingly autonomous. “You won’t really need to look at an instrument panel all that often,” he said. “You’ll be able to do what you want – watch movies, talk to friends, go to sleep…” So the design team agonised over e

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