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Cher Image Credit: National Enquirer
Cher Image Credit: National Enquirer

Cher In Showdown With Father Time!

Star, 73, aims to stop clock with diet, exercise – & scalpel

“If I Could Turn Back Time” songbird Cher has found a way to do just that — with plastic surgery and a strict diet and exercise program!

“When Cher looked in the mirror recently, she saw a stranger. So she decided to do something about it,” snitched a source.

“While Cher’s always worked hard to fight off aging, she’s found that she has to work twice as hard these days!”

Last year, the 73-year-old singer admitted to having undergone extensive plastic surgery — including a face-lift, a nose job, and breast augmentation — to reboot her looks.

The “Moonstruck” Oscar winner, who unveiled her youthful new look in the 2018 box office blockbuster “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” has also turned to a strict and healthy diet and exercise regimen.

“She doesn’t eat pork, red meat or processed foods, and she seldom eats cheese, saying it’s too hard to digest,” the insider snitched.

“Cher also stays away from smoking and drugs, and rarely drinks. She exercises at least five times a week for two hours at a time, doing cardio, weight training, planking, yoga, and daily meditations.

“She will do ANYTHING to fight off Father Time — and plans to live to 100!”

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