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SURI KIDNAP FEARS Image Credit: National Enquirer
SURI KIDNAP FEARS Image Credit: National Enquirer

Suri Kidnap Fears!


SUPERSTARS Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri is a prime million-dollar target for cruel kidnappers, law enforcement experts warned, after the vulnerable teen was spotted wandering New York City’s dangerous streets — seemingly alone and unprotected!

Private eye Paul Huebl, a former Chicago cop, told The National ENQUIRER the 13-year-old’s routine of traveling the Big Apple in high fashion outfits — twinned with her parents’ celebrity status — is “an invitation for a criminal” to commit a violent robbery or snatch her off the sidewalk.

“If I were Tom or Katie, I would make SURE my daughter had armed, fully vetted security people following her every time she stepped out of the house,” Huebl said after the girl was photographed toting a $4,000 Chanel bag in Manhattan on July 29 — without her mother, a security guard or a babysitter in sight!

“Kidnapping is the worst nightmare imaginable for any parent,” former New York cop and criminal defense attorney Peter Gleason told The ENQUIRER. “Tom and Katie have reason to be terrified it could happen to Suri!

“It’s a sick commentary on society — but there are monsters out there who put price tags on kids BECAUSE their parents are celebrities, and Cruise and his ex-wife are among the biggest!”

Gleason believes Suri could fetch a ransom of $1 million or more if she were kidnapped!

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