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Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman Image Credit: National Enquirer
Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman Image Credit: National Enquirer

Cruise Cozying Up To Nicole's Pal Reese!

Craves her magic touch to overhaul his career

Eager to revamp his image, Tom Cruise has set his sights on ex-wife Nicole Kidman’s co-star Reese Witherspoon, sources said.

Insiders exclusively dished to The National ENQUIRER that the “Top Gun” hunk, 57, is desperate to supercharge his career by collaborating with Reese, who currently seems to have the Midas touch in Hollywood.

“Tom’s been very impressed with Reese’s work and has approached her to work on something together,” a source spilled.

And while the “Big Little Lies” producer and actress is flattered, Tom has been laying it on a bit thick, according to the insider.

“Tom really wants her to help him reinvent himself as something more than an action star,” the source dished. “But he’s been acting like she’s his best friend — which freaks her out because they barely know each other!”

But Tom is well aware that Nicole’s relevance skyrocketed with “Big Little Lies” and hopes Reese, 43, can give him the same boost, the insider added.

However, pals have warned Reese that helping Tom could rattle her friendship with Nicole.

“When Nicole finds out, she’ll be gutted. She’s confided in Reese about how miserable Tom made her,” the source said.

“But business is business to Reese.”

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