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Brad Pitt Image Credit: National Enquirer
Brad Pitt Image Credit: National Enquirer

Caught On Camera! - New Brad Pitt Relapse Drama!

He worries pals at booze-filled premiere party

Brad Pitt quit boozing after splitting from Angelina Jolie, but friends fear the party atmosphere around his new flick, “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood,” will send him back to the bottle!

The hunky actor raised eyebrows at the film premiere’s after-party in Hollywood on July 22, when he was photographed near a well-stocked bar, a cocktail glass in hand.

“Things are going so great in Brad’s personal and professional life and the worry is he might feel like he could bend the rules a bit. But that’s a slippery slope,” warned a worried pal.

“One drink — and he could be back to a full blown drinking problem!”

In 2017, Brad revealed he’d gone from being a “professional” boozer to sober for six months — and his proximity to alcohol at the glitzy bash raised a red flag with experts.

Recovering addict Thomas Gagliano, author of “The Problem Was Me,” said: “Successful people — millionaires, billionaires, celebrities — feel they have succeeded at everything else, so they can beat an addiction on their own.

“And they all learn the hard way it doesn’t make a difference how successful you are. If you don’t let other people help you, then you ain’t gonna make it.”

A source close to Brad denied he is drinking again.

But experts said Brad, 55, must surround himself with a “healthy networ

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