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Meghan Markle Image Credit: National Enquirer
Meghan Markle Image Credit: National Enquirer

Palace Security Crisis Preg Meg's Demands Put Royals In Danger!

Hiring more staff for her & baby could let evildoers slip in.

Diva Duchess Meghan has plunged Britain’s royal family into a fresh security crisis by demanding more staff be at her beck and call upon the arrival of her first child — after driving away her closest aides with her outrageous antics, according to palace sources.

In a world exclusive investigation, The National ENQUIRER has learned intelligence agents are now on red alert, as it’s feared a frantic recruitment process may inadvertently open palace doors to terrorists and stalkers.

Sources said Buckingham Palace’s weak security has previously been exposed publicly, so they’re considered a “sitting duck” — and a single mistake in vetting will put the royal family in grave danger!

“There are so many open positions in all sorts of places at the palace that one slip up in a background check or an interview could prove disastrous,” an insider warned.

The elevated risk comes hot on the heels of revelations that 37-year-old Meghan has lost yet another key staffer.

Right-hand woman Amy Pickerill — who used to work for Prince William’s wife, Kate — is leaving her assistant private secretary role after only a year in the high-profile post!

Amy is the third member of Meghan’s close team to walk out amid rumors Prince Harry’s picky bride had been nicknamed Duchess Difficult for being a torturous boss who harasses staff with nagging emails at 5:30 a.m.!


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