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Johnny Depp Image Credit: National Enquirer
Johnny Depp Image Credit: National Enquirer

Johnny Drinks In The Beauties Of Belgrade!

Sets up shots on location with new gals

Playboy pirate Johnny Depp has bounced back from an ugly divorce to romance two sexy young hotties! The 55-year-old swashbuckler is filming in Serbia, where he’s been snapped locking lips with a mystery blonde — and also downed shots with a 23-year-old model!

With his nasty split from Amber Heard behind him, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star has been spotted with the blonde around Belgrade, where he’s working on a drama called “Minamata.”

But days after the two were caught kissing on a hotel balcony, Johnny partied with brunette bombshell Ivana Nikolic and gave her his number!

After meeting by chance at upscale restaurant Madera, they spent a boozy Valentine’s Day together and Ivana posted a photo of her and two female friends clinking glasses with Johnny, who sported a mischievous grin. Ivana captioned the pic: “With him on Valentine’s day.”

The knockout model, who’s in the girl band Hurricane, told The National ENQUIRER: “I said I was a singer and he wanted to know what we were doing here in Serbia. We ended up exchanging contacts. We met by accident in an exclusive restaurant. He said Belgrade is a beautiful city with beautiful people.”

Johnny’s rocky nearly two-year marriage to leggy “Aquaman” beauty Amber ended in 2017 amid accusations that he physically attacked her, which he’s denied in legal papers.

The “Edward Scis

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