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Miranda Lambert Image Credit: National Enquirer
Miranda Lambert Image Credit: National Enquirer

Miranda Marriage Will Last A New York Minute! - Pals Worry

BLINK — and you may miss cougar Miranda Lambert’s marriage to a hunky NYPD cop!

The country music hussy, 35, recently announced she’d wed 27-year-old Brendan McLoughlin after a whirlwind three-month romance.

But sources said Brendan two-timed his previous fiancé with his baby mama — and hooked up with Miranda just days before his son was born in November!

Carol Bruno, the mother of Brendan’s jilted fiancé Jackie Bruno, blasted: “He’s just a lying, cheating, no-good piece of garbage. He literally led a secret double life. He was at my house and ate dinner almost every night while his pregnant baby mama was at his place.”

A source close to Blake Shelton’s ex added: “Miranda is an impulsive person who doesn’t think of the consequences before she falls madly in love.

“Now she’s run off with a deceitful two-timer who appears to have no conscience! It’ll never last.”

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