Boy Takes Wrong Turn In 5K And Wins 10K Image Credit: Globe
Boy Takes Wrong Turn In 5K And Wins 10K Image Credit: Globe

Boy Takes Wrong Turn In 5K — And Wins 10K!

Kade, 9, outruns adults to the finish line

A NINE-YEAR-OLD boy took a wrong turn during a 5K race in Minnesota and ended up winning a 10K — beating out a field of adults!

Both races started at the same point, but Kade Lovell got a bum steer along the way.

“I was just running,” says Kade. “As soon as I saw the 5K turn, a lady told me to keep going straight. So I kept going straight. I was a little confused.”

Kade said he realized his mistake when he saw a sign for the 10K runners.

“I thought, ‘Mom is going to yell at me,’ ” he recalls.

His mother, meanwhile, was sick with worry when Kade didn’t pass by her as expected.

“I had everyone looking for him, even a fireman,” says Heather Lovell of St. Cloud. “I was like, ‘You need to go find my son!’ I was bawling.”

Eventually, she got the word that Kade was running the 10K, waited for him at the finish line and was stunned when he finished first!

The speed demon ran the 6.2-mile race on Sept. 28 in just over 48 minutes and was a minute faster than the second-place finisher — a 48-year-old man!

Adds a modest Kade, who’s training for the Junior Olympics: “I kept my pace.”

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