Lisa Maries Going Home Image Credit: Globe
Lisa Maries Going Home Image Credit: Globe

Lisa Marie's Going Home!

Elvis’ daughter moving back into Graceland to save family

TROUBLED Lisa Marie Presley is hatching a plot to close her childhood home, Graceland, to tourists — so she can move in and start a new life!

The only child of Elvis Presley still owns the Memphis, Tenn., property where her father is buried — and after years of legal woes, huge legal bills and battling drug addiction, she’s started to pine for the mansion she grew up in.

Lisa Marie, 51, moved to Los Angeles from Nashville in 2016 when her marriage to fourth husband Michael Lockwood broke down. She then went to rehab while her mother, Priscilla, took temporary custody of her twin daughters, Harper and Finley, now 11.

Since then, she has fought a number of bitter legal wars over child custody and divorce, as well as suing her ex­manager Barry Siegel, all of which has left her almost broke.

Lisa Marie also previously owned spectacular homes in Nashville, England, and Hawaii, but has sold them all off in recent years and now rents her current residence.

Says a source: “LisaMarie has burned her way through a fortune, and it’s come at great personal cost, too. She even moved in with her daughter Riley [Keough, from her first marriage to musician Danny Keough] for a while. She has since moved into a small house on the fringes of Los Angeles.”

Now, says the insider, once she has settled her legal troubles, she wants a fresh start.

“The one place she still has left is Graceland, the home and th

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