Charles In Charge Image Credit: Globe
Charles In Charge Image Credit: Globe

Charles In Charge!

Camilla gleeful as SNEAKY PRINCE SEIZES CROWN from ailing Elizabeth

RUTHLESS Prince Charles has snatched the crown away from his ailing mom, Queen Elizabeth II — under the guise of acting as temporary regent during her sudden health crisis!

And he’s now making all the royal decisions even though she’s still the monarch!

“He’s completely in charge,” spills a palace snitch. “This was what he —and especially his wife, Camilla — have been waiting for.

“He’s saying it’s only temporary until the queen recovers her strength,” adds the insider. “But Camilla’s been guzzling her gin in celebration and braying drunkenly to her servants that they’re in charge for good and everybody had better toe the line or else!”

The head-turning takeover came as 93-year-old Elizabeth’s health took a shattering turn for the worse and she stubbornly refused to have surgery recommended by her doctors.

Buckingham Palace claims the surgery would be to repair a bum right knee — but royal sources grimly tattle she’s now secretly battling bladder cancer and refusing treatment because she’s too frail.

“At her age, the chances of surviving major surgery are poor,” adds the source. “And even if she made it through the operation, she’d still have to undergo torturous radiation or chemo or both!”

Meanwhile, Charles and Camilla are trying to squelch any talk of a coup by insisting th

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