Why Fonzie Wont Forgive Tom Hanks Image Credit: Globe
Why Fonzie Wont Forgive Tom Hanks Image Credit: Globe

Why Fonzie Won't Forgive Tom Hanks!

Henry Winkler holding grudge for 30 years!

Supposed Hollywood nice guys Tom Hanks and Henry Winkler have been locked in a nasty feud for 30 years — triggered when the big-screen star got the Happy Days actor canned from a directing gig.

Bad blood began flowing in 1989 when the sitcom’s famed Fonzie was hired to direct Hanks in Turner & Hooch, a crime-comedy about a cop and his drooling pooch.

Henry, who recently snared an Emmy for his role in HBO’s hitman sitcom Barry, says Hanks didn’t like his directing and ran to Jeffrey Katzenberg, then CEO of Walt Disney Studios, and got him axed.

“Henry and Tom fought constantly during the almost two weeks they were on Turner & Hooch,” says a Winkler pal. “Tom didn’t like the job Henry was doing and refused to take direction.

“But instead of confronting him, Henry felt that Tom went behind his back and got him fired!

“And he could never accept that.”

Winkler, 73, refuses to mention Hanks, 63, by name, but recently blabbed about the confrontation to Bravo talk host Andy Cohen: “I was directing that movie for 13 days,” he says, “and then I was called into Jeff Katzenberg’s office, and he said, ‘Do you have everything with you? Go home!’

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