Garth Brooks Image Credit: Globe
Garth Brooks Image Credit: Globe

Garth Gets Ready To Toss Trisha!

Fed-up country star eyes split from control-freak wife!

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood’s 13- year marriage is spiraling out of control — and friends fear that the fed-up hunk is ready to storm out!

Whispers turned to a torrent of talk after the pair were caught in a snippy spat at the George H.W. Bush Points of Light Awards in New York City on Sept. 26, with the 57-year old country king confronting control-freak Trisha, 55, in front of dozens of stunned eyewitnesses!

Now, their long-simmering differences — and her nagging ways — threaten to tear them apart, spills a friend.

“Their wires seem crossed now as far as really communicating without it turning into a battle,” the source snitches.

“I think Garth, especially, is ready to walk unless they can find a middle ground — one that doesn’t include Trisha feeling like she calls the shots.”

The Friends in Low Places crooner, who was honored for his charity work at the Big Apple event, recently revealed their marital discussions have become intense.

“And so it forces you out of just what you think you know into what you don’t know and to look over in there.”

That means, says strongwilled Trisha, that “he listens to me and I’m usually right!”

A pal noted that the couple have been locked in a tug of wills since their 1987 meeting and resulting friendship was followed by divorces in 1999 — Garth from college sweetheartSandy Mahl and Tri

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