Michelle Obama Image Credit: Globe
Michelle Obama Image Credit: Globe

Obama Divorce Explodes!

Michelle walks out as Barack refuses her demand for $150 million payoff

Michelle Obama stormed out on a stunned Barack after the former president refused her demands for alimony, child support, and the couple’s new Martha’s Vineyard mansion in a blistering $150 million divorce showdown, sources tell GLOBE!

The furious former first lady unloaded on her shocked 58-year old hubby, telling him she wants everything due her after sacrificing her work as a Harvard-grad lawyer to raise their kids and build his political career, insiders say!

Now fed-up Michelle, 55, has hired a top-gun divorce lawyer for a bloody, bare-knuckle courtroom fight — and has her eyes set on the $15 million beachfront estates they’re buying in Massachusetts, a source says.

“She’s talking of leaving the marriage and starting up her own talk show,” spills a snitch.

“If he’s not with her, then she’ll do it alone. If she splits, she wants a large portion of their $150 million fortune. She gave up her legal career to raise their children and feed his political ambition, and now she wants her share.

“She wants a generous alimony and child support, their production company, plus the new Martha’s Vineyard home.”

The final straw in the marred marriage came when brooding Barack became jealous of Michelle’s blockbuster memoir, Becoming, as he struggles to complete his own tell-all book.

The former commander in chief was supposed to deliver the manuscript by 2020

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