Willie Nelson Image Credit: Globe
Willie Nelson Image Credit: Globe

Wacky Willie's Reefer Madness!

Fears marijuana mogul’s lungs are going up in smoke

Pothead Willie Nelson is poised to make a bundle off his cannabis company — but sources say the profits are going up in smoke!

Pals worry the 86-year-old country legend’s love of his own products may add to the breathing troubles that sidelined the cowboy king over the summer.

As GLOBE previously reported, the sickly Red Headed Stranger was recently forced to cancel concert dates, but a miracle stem cell treatment seemed to rejuvenate his ravaged lungs.

“I’ve had emphysema and pneumonia four or five times, so my lungs were really screwed up, and I had heard that this stem-cell operation would be good for them,” explains Willie. “So I said, ‘Well, I’m gonna try it out.’

” Though Willie was on the road again after surgery, the source says he still insists on sampling his company’s wares!

“He gobbles or inhales and spends the rest of his day walking around like a space cadet,” an insider claims.

“His staff tries to limit his samples, but he’s pretty ingenious and tells pals he knows all the hiding places.”

Despite Willie’s health woes, the insider reports the blunt singer calls cannabis his miracle medicine and vapes from morning tonight!

Though his budding business could soon be rolling in cash as the marijuana market grows, friends fear for Willie’s future.

“On days when his breathing’s so bad that he&r

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