Valerie Bertinell Image Credit: Globe
Valerie Bertinell Image Credit: Globe

TV Chef Valerie's Recipe For Disaster!

Bertinelli packs on shocking 25 pounds

Valerie Bertinelli’s job switch from sitcom star to TV chef appears to have resulted in a 25-pound weight gain, prompting medical experts to warn she’s at risk of deadly conditions — including cancer! Now hosting the Food

Network’s “Family Restaurant Rivals” and whipping up delicious dishes on her website, the 59-year-old actress is at an estimated 170 pounds — too much for her five-foot-four body, say experts. Sources say embracing her role as a cooking guru after her sitcom “Hot in Cleveland” ended in 2015 made Valerie pack on the pounds as she sampled her dishes. But insiders believe she’s also finding comfort in food since her son, Wolfgang, whose father is rocker Eddie Van Halen, moved out on his own.

“She can’t stop eating all of her amazing cooking and she’s putting on weight, which at her age isn’t good,” says an insider.

“She’s going through a serious case of separation anxiety from her son. She misses having Wolf around, but he’s busy with his music and he has his own life and a girlfriend.”

Sources say she’s turned to food as “a source of comfort and is gorging on pasta, bread, cheese and sweets and washing it down with cocktails she makes on the show.”

Valerie’s rep insists the star — once a spokeswoman for the Jenny Craig diet system — has not gained weight.

But a diet and medi

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