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Alex Silver Fagan Workout Fitness Trainer Model Image Credit: Muscle & Fitness Hers
Alex Silver Fagan Workout Fitness Trainer Model Image Credit: Muscle & Fitness Hers

Alex Silver-fagan Spreads A Gospel Of Functional Fitness

Renowned trainer and model Alex Silver-Fagan spreads a gospel of functional fitness, facing life head-on, and embracing every moment.

Steve Mazzucchi

“I like feeling athletic. Getting through a workout out and feeling my heart race and knowing I pushed myself makes me feel strong. It makes me feel capable, and I crave those moments.”

Such words from Alex Silver- Fagan—Nike Master Trainer, Wilhelmina model, yoga and kettle bell guru—affirm the kick-ass way she approaches life and fitness today. Hard to believe that just a few years back, the picture was much cloudier.

Seeking VIP club status, and maybe an escape from family drama, anxiety, and depression, this sweet, funny Jersey girl dieted and partied her way to an “emotionally and nutritionally undernourished” 90 pounds while studying at NYU. The pendulum then swung toward weightlifting and bikini competitions, but body issues remained.

Only when Silver-Fagan began studying to be a trainer—and learning to value functional strength over aesthetics—did things start turning around. Meanwhile, her willingness to openly confront her demons resonated on social media, inspiring 100,000 Instagram followers.

“I’ve really taken an interest in therapy and meditating and journaling,” the 26-year-old adds, “recognizing what’s hindering me, finding ways to add positive moments.”



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