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Nick Hexum Image Credit: Muscle & Fitness
Nick Hexum Image Credit: Muscle & Fitness

All “Hexed” Up

Offstage, 311 frontman Nick Hexum likes to push his body so he can give his all onstage.

Bryan Reesman

What’s your secret to staying fit on the road?

I make it fun by incorporating music in most of my workouts. I have a running playlist of songs that are specifically 150 beats per minute, which is not a superfast pace, but it’s a good pace. I step to the beat, and it just makes it like you’re dancing rather than working out. I have different playlists. If I’m on the elliptical, then it’s more of a house tempo, under 130 beats per minute. I also do F45 classes, which are interval-training classes. There’s pounding music, and every-body’s high-fiving each other and super-supportive.

You also play competitive sports?

I play in a couple of different basketball leagues. I’m actually not that great, but that competitive spirit takes over. You don’t think about getting your heart rate in the target zone; you’re just thinking about getting the hell down court. I also surf. That’s really good cardio for me because I’m not one of those guys who just sit out there and wait for the perfect wave. I’m taking a lot of waves and wiping out a lot and fighting for my survival out there.

Is there any kind of set routine that you have or do you just change it up?

Right now, I’m doing a little cardio in the morning to wake up. Like today, I was at the hotel gym for about 40 minutes on the elliptical. And then tonight before the show

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