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The Doctor Will See You Now Image Credit: Muscle & Fitness
The Doctor Will See You Now Image Credit: Muscle & Fitness

The Doctor Will See You Now

Jordan Shallow, aka the Muscle Doc, is a powerlifting phenom and chiropractor who presents to you his five go-to moves for improving your stability and decreasing pain.

Michael Lore
LIKE MANY CANADIANS, Jordan Shallow ate, slept, and breathed hockey growing up. When he reached his early 20s, Shallow faced a crossroads: Did he continue to grind it out in the Ontario junior leagues in the hopes of getting scouted and ideally making it to the National Hockey League, or did he further focus on his education?

Much to his mother’s approval, Shallow chose the latter and enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, CA. Hanging up his ice skates proved to be a pivotal point in his life. Today, Shallow, aka the Muscle Doc, is a licensed chiropractor, powerlifter, entrepreneur, and strength and conditioning coach with the Stanford University rugby program.

“I fell in love with the process of weight training, and that became center stage to playing hockey,” Shallow says. “Sometimes I would skip practices to work out.”

With becoming a licensed chiropractor, Shallow could focus more heavily on weightlifting. He began working and training with elite powerlifter Dan Green, who was based out of nearby Mountain View, CA, after he graduated in December 2015. The two hit it off, and Shallow based his clinical practice out of Green’s private gym, Boss Barbell Club.

Not only was Shallow building up his résumé in the gym—he began powerlifting competitively when he was 25—he was strengthening his credentials outside of it. He was a chiropractic assistant at Apple&r

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