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Roman Reigns Image Credit: Muscle & Fitness
Roman Reigns Image Credit: Muscle & Fitness

Roman Empire

After battling back from a leukemia diagnosis earlier in the year, WWE Superstar Roman Reigns finds himself making his big-screen debut with his cousin The Rock in Hobbs & Shaw.

Kevin Gray

Tell us about your role in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw?

I play Mateo, one of the brothers of Hobbs who lives on the island of Samoa. It’s kind of funny—we were all trying to decide who’s older and younger on set, because that wasn’t really told to us. I’m, like, the younger middle brother.

What was it like working with Dwayne Johnson?

It was cool. I really enjoy seeing other performers’ processes and the system they have to attack their day. This was such a huge-budget film, so to see how he made this happen, created all these jobs, and allowed so many people to create their passion is cool.

Can you tell us a little about your family’s history in wrestling?

Yeah, it’s crazy. It starts all the way back to Dwayne’s grandfather Peter Maivia, who was a great leader for the family, which filtered to my father and uncle. They built this wrestling family tree, which went down to my cousins, like Yokozuna and Rikishi, who had a lot of success and wrestled as a few different characters over the years. Then there’s my brother [the late Matt Anoa’I aka Rosey] and cousins the Usos, and then down to me.

Now that you’ve experienced filming a movie, do you want to do more acting?

Yeah, I do. I never thought that wrestling in a squared circle would lead to so many crazy opportunities

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