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She Will Rock You
She Will Rock You

Alice Cooper guitarist NITA STRAUSS talks fitness, sobriety, and her acclaimed first solo album, Controlled Chaos.

In 2015, you lost 50 pounds while touring. What prompted that lifestyle change?

I’m 31 years old. I’ve been touring since the age of 15, and over the years it takes so much wear and tear on your body. Around age 28, I made that switch because I realized my body wasn’t recovering the way that it had. If you don’t take care of your body, your body will break down fast. I lost 50 pounds while touring, and I think a big part of it was coming off alcohol.

What was the first step you took to living a healthier life on the road?

I switched my going out to the bar after the show to getting up early for the gym. Getting healthy meal delivery was also a huge catalyst. I’ve been eating Trifecta foods for about a year now on tour, and that has been the real game changer.

Do you follow any particular diet?

I’ve been intermittent fasting for about eight months, maybe a year. I absolutely love it because if you know that all you’re getting is water, then it’s easy to stay on a diet. If you have the mindset of, “I don’t eat after 8, and this is just how my life is,” then it’s easy. It’s as much of a part of life as going to sleep and waking up.

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April 2019