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Vincent Rodriguez Iii Image Credit: Muscle & Fitness
Vincent Rodriguez Iii Image Credit: Muscle & Fitness

Vincent Rodriguez III

The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star used superhero dreams and strategic proteins to get lean and strong.

Bobbi Dempsey


Aline [Crazy Ex-Girlfriend producer Aline Brosh McKenna] told me there was an episode coming up where my character, Josh, was going to be a go-go dancer. So I asked, “If I’m going to be in my underwear, do I have permission to go outside of Josh’s normal body?” Which is a body of beer, boba tea, and sushi burritos. He’s not an L.A. guy who is trying to be a model. Once she gave me the go-ahead, I was on a mission.


A friend sent me to Eric the Trainer, as he’s known around Hollywood. He asked, “If I could wave a magic wand and give you any body you want, what body would that be?” I said I want to be [comic book superhero] Nightwing. He points at the shelf above him, and there’s a vintage Nightwing action figure. It was a cool coincidence. He mentioned he had already been enlisted to train Nightwing for the movie that’s in planning. My eyes lit up.


By the time we filmed the scene, I was 25 pounds lighter. But the body I have now is way beyond that. I look at this as an ongoing experiment. I’m excited to see what my body can do. I take progress photos along the way, and I know it’s working, and that helps motivate me to stay the course.


I’m on a weight-loss track, so I focus on fish. My main meals consist of a palm-si

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