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Andre Ferguson Winter Exercise Workout Image Credit: Muscle & Fitness
Andre Ferguson Winter Exercise Workout Image Credit: Muscle & Fitness

7 Moves For Serious Winter Mass

Get seriously jacked this winter with these favorite exercises of 2018 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique champ Andre Ferguson’s.

Mark Lelinwalla

Andre Ferguson isn’t exactly a fan of the winter. “Nah, not at all,” says the IFBB Pro League men’s physique powerhouse of a bodybuilder. “And I live in New York. I’d rather it be sunny and warm.”

But even Ferguson admits that the frigid weather gives regular lifters a chance to show off their biceps, shoulders, backs, and traps in frame-fitting winter sweaters. So, despite the New York City native not being big on the season, we thought he’d be the perfect candidate to provide seven moves to add sweater friendly bulk this winter.

After all, have you seen the man? With undeniably chiseled symmetry, the 5'9", 195-pound “Lucky Libra” won the prestigious 2018 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique event by outlasting 28 other competitors. He also captured the 2018 Colombia Pro Men’s Physique competition. Altogether, Ferguson has been victorious in 10 shows and placed second five times since turning pro in 2014. Not too shabby.

As 2018 wraps up, Ferguson has been eating, breathing, sleeping, and of course training with one event in mind.

“The Arnold Classic in March,” he says about the perennial bodybuilding event bearing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name, held in Columbus, OH, from Feb. 28 to March 3. “I’m defending my title.”

Here, Ferguson offers his seven best go-to moves to have your muscles rippling this winter, while giving us a key pointer on how to intensify and bulk up with each exercise.

Given his track record, it’d be in your best interest to take heed, because following Ferguson’s advice will have you l

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